Askew's Gift Cards

NOJA is able to purchase Gift Cards for Askew's at a discount of 5-7% depending on the amount of the order placed. Order Askew's Gift Cards to shop at Askew's as usual, and NOJA will be able to keep the 5-7%.

5% : orders between $500-$2499 

6%: orders between $2500-$4999

7%: orders over $5000.

To place an order, click on the button below or contact the office.




NOJA is selling gift cards through a company called Fundscrip. For every gift card that you purchase, the school gets a percentage back. Buy gift cards for everyday spending and get things like gas and groceries as usual, while supporting NOJA at the same time! Popular gift cards include Real Canadian Superstore, Winners/Homesense, gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. Buy them for yourself or to use as gifts! To see a complete list of gift cards for purchase and how much percentage the school would receive, go to 
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Return-it Express

When dropping off recyclable drink containers at Armstrong Return-It Depot, use the Express service and print off a label using the school's phone number 250-546-8330. All deposit money from bags you return with the label will be credited to the school.


Co-op Gas

When filling gas at Co-op, you can support the school by entering  "5961" when prompted for a membership number.